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Our Vision

Our approach to solve both world and local issues is with people power and creativity. We hope to cultivate a community effort by launching a dialogue in order to create the design for an community land trust with homes made with hempcrete. It is our desire to build the "North West Living & Learning Community Collaborative"

Code of Conduct

The Whatcom Waves Way is about embracing our time, energy and focus to learning, growing and providing equitable outcomes for community members through soccer.


~Our Core Values are outlined by the 4C's ~ 

*Commitment*    *Compassion*    *Collaboration*    *Competitiveness*


We are committed to the organization's mission. We are dedicated to the game by showing up, leaning in, learning from each other and being our best versions of ourselves. We are committed to be resilient on and off the pitch.


We care about working alongside other entities that align their work with our shared values. We would invite any sports fan or athlete to see what collaborative ideas or opportunities exist with the WAVES


The Women of  Whatcom Waves are filled with compassion for our community.  Diversity is our strength, inclusivity is paramount and equitable outcomes for participants involved. We strive for building the foundations for future of female in sport.


We are athletes, we are coaches, we are women. We seek out players with a winning attitude. We will always compete to be the best at what we do.

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